International Production Services in Greece and Cyprus

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Greece boasts landscapes of incomparable natural beauty; from the rugged mountains with their lakes and flowing waterfalls to the picturesque villages by the seaside, their lime white washed walls fusing beautifully with the deep blue of the sea and the sky.

Greece has a typical Mediterranean climate of mild winters, warm and dry summers and extended periods of sunshine throughout the year, making it an ideal location for filming all year round.

Geographically placed in the Southern Mediterrenean, it borders with Albania, Bulgaria, the Former Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. The Aegean Sea lies to the East of mainland Greece, the Ionian Sea to the West, and the Mediterranean Sea to the South. It has the 11th largest coastline in the world at 13,676KM (8,498m) in length. However, it's surface area 131,960 km makes it the 96th largest nation on earth though its modest 10.7 million population means there is certainly no crush on the mainland! Greece has the largest number of islands worldwide, approximately 1,400, of which 227 are inhabited.

Time in Greece: GMT +2

Tabular view for temperature and precipitation per month

  Temperature Precipitation
Months Normal Warmest Coldest Normal
January 9.3°C 12.9°C 6.5°C 6
February 9.8°C 13.6°C 6.9°C 5
March 11.7°C 16.0°C 8.4°C 5
April 15.5°C 20.3°C 11.6°C 4
May 20.2°C 25.3°C 15.4°C 2
June 24.6°C 29.8°C 20.1°C 1
July 27.0°C 32.6°C 22.5°C 0
August 26.6°C 32.3°C 22.3°C 0
September 23.3°C 28.9°C 19.2°C 1
October 18.3°C 23.1°C 14.9°C 4
November 14.4°C 18.6°C 11.4°C 5
December 11.1°C 14.7°C 8.3°C 6